Now, let us talk about the services we provide. We do everything related to the internet. Like ..
Website Designing
Website is a necessity; it is not just a kid's play. In today's world, website is a representative of the company and it is the only interactive medium available to communicate between clients and company after hours. E-mail services and interactive notice board system are the trend of the time. We introduce ourselves as one of the most efficient and renowned in the industry.

This industry is based on service, and the only thing we can stay about it, is open your eyes, click the mouse, and we are there. If we want to divide the types of website available in the internet, we get two large divisions, namely STATIC & DYNAMIC.

Website Maintenance
Maintaining a website is as important as designing or hosting. A website needs to have a constant vigil to run smoothly on the internet. Large website need changes and constant updating as well. Small website also should be kept under a close look to run smoothly.
Dynamic website, running on databases require constant backup of data and program code updates.
Our technical team is proficient in handling any website running on the internet. We are experienced to handle large and small website throughout the year. We are having more than 100 website which we manage and constantly update according to the need.
Website Redesign
Website redesigning is as importance as maintenance. The more website content is changed the more the website emerges on the top listing of a search engine. Website redesign is very important for the upliftment of your image on the internet. We, at Cygra Interactive study on the competition you have on the net and give you the best weapon to thrive and do good business over the internet.
Website Hosting
After a website is designed, the foremost requirement is to host it on the Web-Server. All the website we see on the internet, they are kept somewhere in the world on a computer, which is called a Web-Server, This runs throughout the day and night, so that whenever you want to see it, it should be available.
E-mail Hosting
E-mail hosting is a little different from web hosting, nowadays every company needs an official e-mail to send their official letters to other companies as well as send official letters to the employees of the company itself. Now every individual working in an organization has his /her own e-mail address @ the organization website address.
If any organization requires more than 5 e-mail ids or if they opt for large e-mail accounts, the company requires to hire e-mail servers. E-mail server packages are available according to the bandwidth requirements and space required. Packages for 50/100/20/200 e-mail ids are available as per requirement.
Website Marketing
Made a website?? But of no use?? Nobody is watching your site?? No visitors?? No enquiry??
This is what happens if you do not pay attention to the marketing aspect of your website. Website are made to be shown to public, not for your own visual pleasure. To market your website you will have to optimize your website to the various search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, excite, Lycos, AltaVista etc. SEO (search engine optimization) requires through knowledge of Search Engine Spiders and content search keywords. We optimize a number of website and experienced to guide you through. By marketing your website, you can get relevant visitors and fruitful enquiries for your company as well as this will help you make a branding of your company.
SEO is necessity to company website nowadays, otherwise your website also be lost amongst the thousands of other similar website available on the internet.
We also give consultancy for optimizing and managing your website for drawing more and more business through the internet.
Software Development
From Payroll System to Financial Management, from Document Management to Inventory Management, we need software to help us at every moment. At an instant we cannot get the data we want if it is done by an individual but at a click of a button we get what we require from software.
This world is the world of Paperless offices, online documentation and ready references. We are here to serve you in every you have. We make customized software for our clients as per their requirements.
Portal Development
Graphic Designing
From your letterhead to your company brochure, at every moment you need it to be designed before you print it. From corporate identity to basic stationery, we design for you. We design Company Logo, Brochures that match your taste and your company image is projected through it.
Our dedicated designing team is capable enough to handle your design needs. From designing website to print materials for your company, we deliver the best according to your requirements and budget.
Logo Designing
Multimedia Presentation
Attending a meeting?? Need to deliver a speech? Need to make your client understand what exactly you can do for him?
Yes! You need it, at every step at every move you need to give a presentation or deliver a manual on behalf of your company. We make the thing you require. We satisfy the exact requirement you have and make our clients happy. We are proud to see the happy faces of our clients and we promise to continue to do that in future also.
Among the various services we deliver, the following are a few…
Corporate Presentation
Multimedia Interactive CD Rom
Non Linear Video Editing
2D & 3D Animation
Last Updated on .... 18th October 2008